Cozy Mystery, 1st person, 4 W / 1 M, Filipino accents. Exposition & recap.

YA, 3rd person, W/M. Stuck on a railroad switch while a train barrels down the track.

Contemporary Lit., 1st person, W/W. Descriptive paragraph dripping with disdain.

Middle Grade Mystery, 3rd Person, Young Girl. Trying to make sense of the senseless.

Sci-Fi YA, 3rd Person, W. Contemplating fate.


Pop Sci. The damage a space landing causes.

Business & Investing. You can’t beat inflation.

Self-Help. Rating and making fast decisions.

Women in History. Radium makes it across the Atlantic.


Aisha Kasmir was the nerdy kid in class who’s hand was sky-high, volunteering to read out loud and still gets a kick reading everything from menus to instruction manuals. She even started an audio series called, “Aisha Reads Anything” where she narrates works written by friends. With a voice that’s been described as clear and bright, she brings her energetic personality and fresh take to anything she vocalizes.

A dedicated bibliophile, one of her favorite traditions is to spend one Sunday a month reading in bed all day. This practice fuels her love for literature, diving into stories about daring heroines, heady romances, quiet country life, or disquieting alternate realities.

Aisha has more than 20 years performing, singing and acting, and is a seasoned producer, with experience in stage, film and music production. Her diverse background gives her a unique perspective on storytelling and holistic approach to audiobook narration.

When she’s not narrating dishwasher settings, she can be found in the park with her senior pup, Pixie, or sketching out fantastical creatures. And yeah, she drew all the illustrations on her website. 

and more…

Expertise: music, opera, classical music, jazz, piano, pop music, looping, music producer, drawing, illustration, digital art, Photoshop, Illustrator, journalism, investigative journalism.

Hobbies: psychology, therapy methodologies, sewing, embroidery, dog training, fashion, skin care/dermatology, fitness, graphic design, design theory, film production, video editing, cinematography, audio engineering.

Languages: American English (native), French – intermediate/advanced.

Dialogue: German, Spanish (Spain), Italian, Norwegian / Swedish, Tagalog/Filipino.

Accents: Standard American Accent (native), US Southern (Mississippi, Texas), US Western (Nevada, Utah, Idaho, Montana), UK (British RP, light Irish accent, light Welsh accent.


Computer: Mac Mini M1

Audio Interface: Scarlett Solo

Microphones: AKG C214 large-diaphragm condenser, Synco D2 hypercardiod shotgun, Sennheiser E935, Shure SM58

DAW: Reaper, Logic Pro X, Ableton Live 10

Vibe: Twinkly disco lights and luxurious satin curtains covering 20lb sound blankets.

Let’s talk.

I’m available for voiceover, singing, live production, and collaboration.